Saturday, November 20, 2010

Personal Gods

I'm sure you're all familiar with Greek Mythology, I'm hoping you've all debated with Zeus and Poseidon, you've all told Hades that just because he's the king of the underworld it doesn't mean he should stop cleaning his teeth or brushing his hair, that you've all watched Hestia work her homely and humble magic and you've all tried to explain to Ares that war doesn't solve every thing.
But every body has different ideas about the appearance and personality of the Gods.
Earlier in the week my English teacher told us to write a description of Mount Olympus- the taste and smell of the air, the sight of the Gods at their most vulnerable even the sound of Zeus losing his temper... again, she told us to write a description of a God and their foe and then write an incident that happened, it could even be as simple as the Gods you described being responsible for losing the recipe in the Ferrero Rocher ad. And the variations of each God was amazing, which got me thinking (you'll learn that this can end VERY badly!), who are the Gods upon Mt. Olympus, is Zeus a stuck up wimp or a brave, courageous hero? Is Poseidon part of the ocean that he rules or can't he swim? Is Hestia perfectly clean or is her bedroom as messy as every teenage girl's on the planet?
It is very much a personal question of character, and I, being the nosey person that I am, am very curious about who you think the Gods in Greek Mythology are.
So, if you're actually reading this, leave a short message about what you think, or even write your own story.
I am genuinely interested, and I hope that my curiosity has started you thinking, it doesn't even stop at Gods, who is Harry Potter? Who is Bella Swan? And dare I say, is Mr. Darcy actually as hot as you hoped.

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  1. I must admit to not having given the gods of mythology much thought, but Mr Darcy is another matter entirely! LOL! He is MOST DEFINITELY the hunkiest spunk in my imagination, the most romantic and charismatic of men, to whom all other mere males should aspire! Not that they do, sadly, but we can live in hope!

  2. The gods are so interesting. Something that I've always thought was funny is, if they're gods, and are so physically superior to mortals then why are they so muscley? Do they really need all those muscles or is that just for show? Or is it just an ideal. I reckon that the God's should stop looking like they've been at a Gym 24/7 and actually look like they have a life. Like Dionysus :-)