Monday, November 22, 2010

darn those catchy tunes

Music, it's everywhere, it's imaginative and most of all, it reflects who you are as a person.
But it can also influence what we say and do. For those who are fellow Twi-Hards, I'm sure you know that   Stephanie Meyer has play lists posted on her website, giving you some of the songs that influence the characters, events and outcomes. Would Bella be as we know her to be? Would Jacob have been the one she ended up with if Stephanie Meyer had chosen to listen to Coldplay as opposed to Muse?
So my question for the day is have you ever made a choice based on the music you listen to? I know I certainly have,  though whether the outcome was for the best or not is another story...
Another question for you is have you ever made a decision for music? Have you ever gone out for a walk and come back with a grand piano? I'm sure there are plenty of people who have made such a big decision on a whim, and please be honest and share your stories.
I'm sure your wondering how this is related to putting ideas to paper, but it does, even the greatest authors are inspired by music. In fact, without music would society be as we know it??????
So, I guess what I'm trying ask you is how important is music to you????????? And what songs have influenced you most, and don't be ashamed, when I was five, the Wiggles had a big influence on my life too!!!!!! Some of the songs I most listen to are: 9 Crimes by Damien Rice, Twilight, by Vanessa Carlton and Closing Credits: Bolero written by Steve Sharples!!!! So come on and tell the world what music is most important to you!!!!

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